Sunday, February 15, 2009

A great purchase

After reading a few reviews, I bought a pair of Felco #2's. Once I got them out of the box from an auction I won on eBay, I was surprised by the quality of these barely-used pruners. I walked around my house for a few minutes remarking how solid and comfortable these pruners are, remarked about their replaceable blade, and questioned why I had not bought them sooner. The quality of these pruners is the one thing I think every gardener agreed upon in blogs (very rare). I guess I have not invested in high quality pruners (or other garden tools) because I have never thought of myself as a "gardener", I enjoy growing native plants and vegetables, not pruning roses or grafting things, like gardeners do.

Before I knew it, I was outside pruning away (without gloves- not a bright idea, pruning wood's rose and hawthorn), but I couldn't help myself. I probably ended up pruning too much, I really flattened our yard. I didn't plan on any pruning today, but the Felcos made me. Besides, the dark-eyed juncos were very grateful for the new brush piles that now fill my backyard (see photo above). In the end, I made room for the greenhouse I'll be building as soon as the ground thaws, and it is nice to visualize the space it will occupy. I am really excited about these pruners, and now I am wondering what other garden tools have I been living without?


  1. Wow, that's an impressive pile of brush! You should send this to Felco as a testimonial--maybe they'd give you a pair of loppers? Glad that the discussion on my blog pushed you over the Felco edge.

  2. Your post was definitely an insiration to try the Felco's. That pile is one of four I have to deal with now! Thanks again,