Thursday, January 19, 2012

Now is a great time to design paths. In the snow.

You might not be thinking about garden design right now, but with all the snow our part of the country just received, you should be.  Now is a great time to grab the snow shovel and consider paths in the garden.  Having a lot of snow on the ground is like a fresh canvas (albeit a 3D one) to draw or carve out paths and the locations of other features.  You can even erase them by covered them up with snow.  So, take your shovel, and start creating.  Spend some time looking at the paths you've created, but more importantly use them over the next few days and weeks.  And don't forget, add some curves in your paths!

Paths aren't the only things the snow lends itself to- hills and mounds are fun to create now, without the expense and labor of using soil.  If you've ever wanted to try to add some interest in your landscape with some topography the snow offers a great, and ephemeral opportunity.
No matter what you decide, take some pictures are make some sketches, because the snow won't last forever!

And, by the way, loyal readers of Montana Wildlife Gardener, Junebug soundly defeated Alex and Natalie to repeat as title holder of Cat of the Year.  A post summarizing her victory (the only two-time champion) is coming soon.


  1. It's about time to dig up snow and build paths for people and cars.

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  3. Indeed you have to dig up! The snow is pretty thick there. Nice article.