Friday, January 25, 2013

Natalie: your 2012 Cat of the Year

In a surprising upset, Natalie was elected by readers of Montana Wildlife Gardener as the 2012 Cat of the Year!  This post and official announcement of her victory has been delayed, as we reviewed the results and ascertained there was no voter fraud.  After careful audit of the IP addresses, voting records and comments, it appears that this vote was legitimate.  It is not common protocol to review the elections, but this outcome comes as surprise.  Natalie won by a landslide despite having done nothing that deserves such recognition.  As usual, after facing defeat, Alex was stoic.  If he could talk, and knew what was going on, I know he would congratulate Natalie and be the first to celebrate her victory.  A man of few words, I'd like to think Alex would say "Natalie is a good cat."  (Editors note: Alex speaks in the same voice as the raccoon in the "Guy on a Buffalo" video.  Google it).  Or he might just bite you and run away. Manically.

So, congratulations Natalie, the 2012 Cat of the Year for a title not deserved.  At all.
Pictured are Alex (the deserving champion) and Miles who both wish Natalie well.