Saturday, May 9, 2009

Garden design and wildlife gardening books

I taught a workshop yesterday at the Montana Natural History Center on Native Plant Landscaping, Wildlife Gardening and Garden Design. Preparing for this class got me to re read many books and articles I have had on the shelf and have been thinking about since writing this last post about planning.

Below are some of my favorite books on garden design and wildlife gardening. Interestingly, my favorite books on garden design are actually about interior design and architecture.

If you were in the class today- these the the references from my last slide:

Bringing Nature Home- Douglas Tallamy

The Not So Big House series- Sarah Susankah
- Examples Creating the Not So Big House, Inside the Not So Big House, and all the others

Fine Gardening Design Guides
–Example Gardening in Small Spaces

Best of Fine Gardening Series
–Example Garden Rooms

Shrink Your Lawn- Evelyn Hadden

Noah's Garden: Restoring the Ecology of Our Own Backyards- Sara Stein

Paradise by Design, Native Plants and the New American Landscape- Kathryn Phillips

The Forgotten Pollinators- Buchmann, Nabhan, and Mirocha

Landscaping Ideas of Jays- Judith Larner Lowry

Gardening with a Wild Heart -Judith Larner Lowry

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  1. I love the Larner Lowry title Landscaping ideas of Jays. Both of her books are really good and Larners is one of my favorite sources for seed. I don't know the other books.