Wednesday, July 14, 2010

8th Street Pocket Park update and volunteer night

Join us Thursday night (7-8 pm) when we continue to landscape the 8th Street Pocket Park (at the corner of 8th and Grant). Learn about native plants, gardening, wildlife gardening and how to do it! Bring your questions, notebooks and cameras. Tasks for volunteers this week include planting grasses and flowers (in the photo below), screening topsoil, installing lawn edging, and some light weeding.
The 8th Street Pocket Park is a small neighborhood park my wife and I have been volunteering on- planning, landscaping, grant writing and maintaining for the last few years (click here for more information). This was an unused right of way (owned by the city) that was not being maintained, cared for, and had just turned into a gathering area for trash and noxious weeds. We transformed 1/2 of it n 2008, using drought tolerant native plants, and incorporated many wildlife features (see above).
In 2009 we received a grant for plants, mulch and other landscaping materials and last summer we began site preparation of phase 2- the next 1/2 of the park (see above, as the site looked in 2009). Funding for materials for this project has come from the Missoula Office of Neighborhoods, UM Natural Areas, and Montana Native Plant Society. Materials were also donated by Home Resource (like recycled lumber, fencing, lawn edging and more), and plants and bird, bat, bee houses and interpretive signs were donated by Butterfly Properties (that is, my wife and me).

This spring, I installed a fence, horseshoe court, trees, and other wildlife features (see photos below), and last Thursday with help from neighborhood volunteers we planted shrubs, and did some weeding.
Below you can see a standing cottonwood snag (dead tree trunk) I planted and a bat box I made.
We hope to see you there. Wear sturdy shoes, bring gloves (always a nice idea but not mandatory) and your favorite planting tool. We'll have tools too. If you want more information, contact Marilyn at


  1. Bravo! What a wonderful project - so much good energy you both have given this and such a beautiful result - I'm lost in admiration!

  2. BTW at first I thought the bench was a permanent display area for containers - nice idea though isn't it? An old disused bench could make a great focal point / stand for containers!

  3. Thanks again Country Mouse- that is very kind.
    And thanks to the volunteers last Thursday:
    Mariah, Marie, Sandy (from Deer Lodge!), Doug, Trisha, and I forgetting anyone?
    Join us again this Thursday and stay tuned for the grand opening!

  4. Amazing pictures. Thanks for sharing. I really enjoy reading your blog.

    I posted a link to something everyone will enjoy..Thanks

  5. Very nice...I wish our city had more community parks. CM is right~that bench is wonderful with the waiting plants! gail

  6. I think what you're doing is fantastic! I agree with Gail, there should be a lot more community parks in the world :)