Thursday, December 9, 2010

2010 Cat of the Year: Voting is Open

This year I have opened up voting for the coveted title of 2010 cat of the year. You can vote on the right until midnight Dec. 31, when the polls close. As you may recall, last year, Alex was crowned champion of our household. The nominees are listed below- the same as last year. Obviously, this has nothing to do with wildlife gardening or native plant landscaping, other than to say keep your cats indoors.

Squeak (pictured above)

Age: 17

Weight: 6 lbs

Breed:Blue Point Himalayan

Background: Outlived her people. Lead a life of pampered luxury

Pros: Great health, plays with Alex

Cons: Avoids Natalie and June. Requires daily brushing and hates it.

2010 Accomplishments: She has not killed us, plays with Alex, does not require that we feed her from a crystal goblet. She is our fluffiest cat, but also the most flammable.

Expenses: 1 vet visit for yowling, blood work, (diagnosis: dementia)

Cost per pound $16.70

Alex (Defending Cat of the Year)

Age: 9

Weight: 8.5 lbs

Breed: Turkish angora x Persian

Background: Innocent victim of a hoarder. He was at the shelter for 2 years because no one wanted to adopt an adult black cat

Pros: Good attitude. Greets all visitors at the door. Does fantastic acrobatics. Plays hard.

Cons: Rarely purrs. Bites your toes while you sleep.

Accomplishments in 2010: Still modest and unassuming as ever. Defers to Squeak, tries to play with Natalie, and leaves June bug alone (though he recently began sleeping in her bedroom). His ¾ length tail, though not new in 2010, is always worth some points. The cat of the year title was his to lose, but the expensive dental work in November was a blow to his huge lead.

Expenses: 1 vet visit, 3 teeth pulled.

Cost per pound: $47.06

June bug

Age: 11 (her vet did not think she'd live this long)

Weight: 5.5 lbs (up 1 lb since we got her)

Breed: Silvertip Persian

Background: Oh, June. She was kept in an outdoor dog crate for 8 years and badly neglected before someone turned her in to the Humane Society in fall 2009. Struggles with litter box routine.

Pros: Ridiculously cute, and much improved in the litter box area. Big purr. Cuddly, despite her bony little body. Her only two teeth are in pretty good shape.

Cons: Oh, June.

Accomplishments this year: Although June is a finicky eater, she is back to eating soft cat food (after a few weeks of eating only human baby food- read: very expensive). She now grooms herself (mainly just her face). She sleeps by our heads in bed with us every night.

Expenses: multiple vet visits, extensive dental work, daily anti-anxiety meds and antibiotics, only ate baby food for a while (see above). Sweaters. Professional grooming. Etc.

Cost per pound: $100 or more. Priceless, really


Age: 14

Weight: 13 lbs.

Breed: Domestic long hair

Background: Disemboweled by her previous owners’ dog. Medically neglected. Borderline diabetic. Required hernia surgery including a Gore-Tex body wall, and is on a diet. She’d prefer to be the only cat in our house.

Pros: Classic beauty, good stomper, good at polishing things with her declawed paws.

Cons: Little bit of a diva complex. Does not play well with others.

Accomplishments: Natalie continues to be the largest of our cats. No expensive surgeries this year. Glowing report from the vet (who she hates). She has not eaten any of the other cats, nor has she squashed them either. She did go through a phase of wanting to go outside, but that passed. She stopped using June’s litter box.

Cost: Expensive diabetic food, but only 1 vet visit this year.

Cost per pound: $7.70


  1. I haven't met any of them in person, but I'm partial to June since I followed her on your FB page. The one that bites your feet when you sleep - that is harsh!! : )

  2. Oh, how can a girl choose? They are all so wonderfully quirky. Let's see...I might have to go with Natalie, for her "we thought you were the difficult one until we got June" award. And because she always lets me give her love when I'm her substitute caretaker. Yes. Natalie. Sorry, June and Alex and Squeak! (This is Amy, by the way.)

  3. I, marcus, vote for June Bug.

  4. Alex appears to be resting on his laurels as the previous winner. Willingness to show improvement is an important consideration for this voter.

    Natalie was a serious contender with no major surgeries in her favor. However, while no longer using June's litter box is a good thing, it smacks of a token improvement intended solely to impress the judges.

    My vote therefore goes to June, as cuddliness is a highly important quality for cats, and should be publicly rewarded in important forums such as this one so that young kittens will learn to cultivate the proper virtues.

  5. I must say I am partial to Junebug but they are all Cat of the Year :-) and you guys are cat owners of the year!

  6. puppynerd,
    Very astute observations. I am curious, tough, why you omitted Squeak from your analysis? I am anxious to hear your assessment of her.

  7. You can't go wrong voting for a two-twothed cat who eschews the rigid formality of the litterbox. Oh, June by a bony, fluffy landslide.

  8. Make that two Gregs for June bug.

  9. I have to go with June because I love her even though she bit me in a dream. Squeak is a close runner up, though.

  10. Compelling stories, one and all, but I have to vote for Squeak. Hoping she understands her big win before the dementia takes over. Cat People of the Year? Easy vote -- you two!

  11. It's gotta be June. No question.

  12. I'm voting for Natalie, as one diva to another.
    (sue, missoula's diva day 5K run diva)

  13. Although I am a cat lover myself it has to be the Blue Point Himalayan!

    Even though she is an old lady she still looks in her prime!

  14. Wow! How can you choose? They all have such personalities. However, I am swayed by the fabulous photo of June-bug. And with only two teeth, she reminds me of my sainted grandmamma.

  15. I had no idea that you two were sharing your home with so many sweet cats who truly needed some love. How inspiring. I'm going to have to go with June. I just can't resist that precious face!

  16. My vote is for June. Second would be Natalie. Wait, can I vote for you?

    Thank you for adopting!

  17. I don't know, I tend to pull for the undercat, Natalie seems like she is quietly plotting something... I vote for her.

  18. I like then all. But, I vote for June Bug. I can't resist the face, attitude, and story.


  19. What is the prize for the winner?
    You have inspired me to have a dog contest.


  20. Katie votes for June Bug, too.

  21. They are all adorable but June Bug caught my heart!