Thursday, July 28, 2011

New Grape Arbor

There is always room for another structure in the garden, and this was a this was a fun weekend project.
The materials only cost $14.40 from Home ReSource- it is all made out of reclaimed wood; redwood, and Douglas fir.  This is what it looked like when I started.

I used the existing fence posts for the posts for the arbor- a situation many people have in common. This arbor is an example of using a small amount of space for a big impact.

 By adding the arbor over the bench it creates a sense of enclosure, and the bench is more inviting- even a destination now.

The next step is to add a new grape plant- and that will happen this weekend.  Kathy from the Blackfoot Native Plant Nursery has about 25 grape plants and I am eager to try one of her varieties (a table grape, but I can't remember the variety).  So, in addition to being our favorite native plant nursery, Blackfoot Native Plants is also our newest grape supplier!


  1. GORGEOUS AND CLEVER! I don't suppose you have plans you could share? Thanks!

  2. Love it, this was what I was trying to tell my husband I wanted, thanks I think we can figure it out by the pic. I only want it to be around 8' long so we can put a piece of lattice on top for privacy from our neighbors 2nd story window. We don't have any reclaimed wood but I think the cost should be minimal compared to the price of kits out there. :)