Saturday, June 23, 2012

The repurposed potting bench in use

My wife spent the afternoon re-potting some of our basil (read: a huge fleet of basil) in our shady area repurposed potting bench.  Although this new addition to our garden performs many tasks (room divider, buffet, potting bench and trellis), today was the first day it got a workout as a potting bench.  
Here are just a few photos showing her (and the potting bench) in action.
We grow a lot of basil.  Everything from Genovese basil (pictured) to Siam queen and holy green.
These plants will go back into our greenhouse where they will fulfill their destiny.  We don't grow basil outside of our greenhouse anymore-  the production in our greenhouse is so much greater.  A few years ago, we compared yield of basil grown outside vs inside the greenhouse.  With the greenhouse basils, we were able to harvest leaves from each plant 3 times before our outside basil was ready to harvest for a first time.

So, after an afternoon using the potting bench, I am happy to report that, according to my wife, the potting bench is "functional".  

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