Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Our Garden on the Evening News

We are excited to have our garden featured on this week's Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks' Outdoor Report. These brief videos are weekly news reports about Montana's great outdoors. This segment is a little different than most, since it is about backyard gardening, but we think Winston Greely did a great job making the connection between your landscape and nature. We thank him for putting together a great video introducing people to the concept of using native plants to create wildlife habitat in their own yards.


  1. A wonderful way to relax and enjoy your garden w/o always having to maintain it. We also have native shrubs in our garden: salal, wild huckleberry bushes, Oregon grape, ferns and once in a while fire weed.

  2. How great for you and for the community at large! You are quite the inspiration!

  3. Nice video sharing! I love those garden :)