Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Native Plant and Wildlife Gardening Classes in September!

This September, my wife and I will each teach a class through the Missoula County Public Schools Lifelong Learning Center.  We each taught classes last year; Marilyn taught a class on composting, and I taught one on native bees and building a native solitary nesting bee box
A successful class!
We both enjoyed teaching such wonderful and engaged students so much, we will be back!
This time, on September 15, I will be teaching a one evening class on gardening for wildlife, obviously one of my favorite topics!
Here is the description of the class from the Lifelong Learning Center's website:
  • Do you want to create a sustainable landscape that attracts and encourages wildlife? If so, join David as he teaches you to provide all the features to draw birds, butterflies and other wildlife to your garden. This is a one night class where you will discuss the various components of creating an oasis for you and for wildlife in your garden.
Native plants attract insects!

Two days later (on September 17), Marilyn, one of the best native plant botanists in the state, will teach about native plants in the fall, how to plant, what to plant and how to identify.  What a great native plant and wildlife garden week!
Fall colors in the native plant garden
Here is a description of her class from the Lifelong Learning Center Website:
  • Who says it’s time to put your garden to rest? With the right plants and methods, fall is the prime time to create a beautiful color landscape. By using native plants (perennials, shrubs and trees) your fall garden will look beautiful for you and for birds getting ready to spend winter in Montana. We'll discuss plants with late blooms, leaves of all colors, and which shrubs bear interesting fruits and pods. We'll also talk about fall planting methods and how much to tidy up the garden for winter.
To register click here.

Hope to see you at one of these classes!


  1. Thanks so much for taking the time to teach these classes. I volunteer at National Wildlife Refuges and started reading your blog when I was at National Bison Range. Now finishing up a second summer at Red Rock Lakes NWR. Native bees are one of my passions. I ran a program with with MCC kids to survey bees at NBR. And I think composting is the beginning of all gardening.

    1. Thanks for the comments! There are some great people working at Red Rocks, and such a beautiful place. Thank you for your volunteerism!