Friday, January 15, 2010

2010 Garden Projects

There is always something to do or change in the garden, and this is a fun time of the year to think about planning for changes. It is also a nice time of the year to review (either through photos, or a garden journal), what worked in the garden, and what didn't- either from a design standpoint or a plant standpoint. The really fun thing about gardening is things are easy to change, and trying new things is fun; a garden is a constantly evolving extension of your lifestyle and a reflection of what you love to do.

So, here is a list of projects I hope to accomplish this winter/ spring. There will inevitably be additions, and changes, but that is part of the fun.

  • New raised bed for the vegetable garden (mainly for onions) - next to grape arbor in the photo above. Move current occupants of area that will become raised bed to front yard.
  • Reduce bluebunch wheatgrass (Pseudoreugnaria spicata) in front yard and replace with displaced plants in the area that will be occupied by the new raised bed.
  • Remove one Steuben blue grape vine (we have two vines that produce over 50lbs of grapes/ year. That is a lot of jelly) and replace with a Himrod (seedless table grape). In the photo above one of the grapes is going for a ride.
  • Install cameras in bird boxes and connect to Internet for live streaming bird voyeurism!
  • Complete outdoor grill shed (all I need is to install the roof, so I am waiting for someone with galvanized delta rib roofing to remove theirs and donate it to Home Resource).
  • Remove one section of lawn and replace with natives like hairy golden aster (Heterotheca villosa), yarrow (Achillea millefolium), showy fleabane (Erigeron speciosus) that I will mow to form a meadow. We’ll see how this works.
  • Prune clematis on garage (this is a much bigger project than you would expect).
  • Start a bunch of native plants in the greenhouse to add to our front yard to replace some bluebunch wheatgrass and blue flax (Linum lewisii). Soon. Very soon.
  • Make a new composter?

Lots to do. Exciting.


  1. No w that's a list I can appreciate! I'm especially intrigued by the outdoor grill shed. Hubby and I are talking about doing a kitchen remodel, and that means grilling...

  2. Any chance you are donating or salvaging your blue bunch wheatgrass? This is a lovely native grass and takes a few years for the "bunch" grass to get a good start on bunching.

    Rene Kittle, MSU Extension

  3. Bird cameras are a wonderful experience. I think that I am going to take a tip from you and install one as well.

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