Thursday, January 21, 2010

Help Home ReSource Move!

If you've read much of my blog, you know how much I love to shop and donate materials and time to Home ReSource. Home ReSource (HR) is a non-profit building materials reuse center in Missoula, since 2003. Right now, HR is involved in a fundraising campaign to move to a bigger, more accessible location (the old 4G's building on Russel St. near the Good Food Store). The larger location will allow HR a greater ability to serve the community- HR has drastically outgrown its current location. In addition, the new location will also enable HR to expand its service to the community through some new programs.

This fundraising campaign is a one time "ask"- HR is a self-supporting, non-profit that does not engage in annual fundraising.

Watch this brief video and Matt, Lauren (the co-founders, and co- executive directors) and Lucas (past board-president) eloquently describe the mission and the need for the move. It is a great 7-minute video that you will enjoy and I am sure you will be inspired. Hopefully inspired to contribute!

Chronicled on my blog are garden projects I have made using HR materials like my greenhouse, tool closet, soon to be completed grill shed. But I also use their materials for so many interior projects, ranging from framing to plumbing, and furniture.
Below are a couple of pictures of some recent projects like a breakfast nook and pass through, that regular blog readers would not have seen. Below is Alex, the 2009 cat of the year, and a pass through using framing, casings, windows, and hardware from HR.

HR has allowed me to do what I love, use reused and recycled materials for garden, carpentry, furniture and home projects. This is very important to me, and without HR, it would be very difficult. Unlike many similar salvage, for-profit business, HR as a non-profit organization that is invested in the community and has a strong social mission. Although the cost savings are huge from shopping at HR, to me what is more important is that I am reusing building materials and maintaining historic house parts for use in the home and garden.

There are lots of ways to stay up to date on HR; you can receive weekly email updates on materials and events, follow them on Facebook or Twitter, and by all means, shop there! I do- every week. It is my favorite store in the world, ask my wife.

Please consider contributing- even a $25 will go a along way (and you or your company will get immortalized in the GARDEN of giving- see, here is the relationship to a garden blog!). Click here to donate. I realize most of the readers of Montana Wildlife Gardener are from out of state (or even out of the country), and may never visit HR. However, the environmental and social mission of HR is fantastic and far-reaching.


  1. Wow! What a beautiful design. Its very appealing. I just love it. Thanks for sharing such a nice design.

  2. That place sounds like a great resource... very cool.

  3. You are very resourceful. I hope the place gets to move as planned.
    BTW our blog was tagged with an "Honest Scrap" award by Christine at Idora Design - I did the post for us mice and tagged you (and six others) in turn. Don't feel obligated - but have fun if you like.